Those prawn dumplings you thought were made with rice flour but actually weren’t.


I nearly cried when I found out all dumplings = gluten. They looked so white, I was sure they were made from rice flour! But no. So I have since desperately strived to find a way to make them myself, gluten free. And today, I (sort of) succeeded! They might not have the typical littl pleats and they might not be as sexy, but they are goooood and therefore, I am happy!

Makes 6 – 8 dumplings

For the dumpling wrapper :

25g potato starch

20g gluten free flour

1g salt

50ml boiling water (adjust according to texture)

For the filling :

150g prawns, shelled and deveined

2g salt

4g sugar

2g cornstarch

15g pancetta

15g bamboo shoots

1 tbsp sesame oil

For the dipping sauce :

Gluten free soy sauce

1 red chilli

1 small spring onion


Start by marinating the prawns in the salt and sugar for 20 minutes (in the fridge).

While they marinate, get on with the dough: mix all the sieved dries and pour over the boiling water. Mix together to form a dough. Let it cool to room temperature.

In the meantime, finish the filling: rinse the prawns well under cold running water, then chop up into small dice. Blanch the pancetta and bamboo shoots until cooked through (3-5 minutes) and chop up small. Mix the pancetta and bamboo shoots in with the prawns and cornstarch.

By now, the dough should have cooled down enough – knead it until it is smooth. If the it is too sticky, just add more potato starch or flour.

Break up into pieces and flatten these out. I did it half with a rolling pin, half by hand. But beware… don’t be over-enthusiastic; there is no gluten in this mix so the dough will break at some point if spread out excessively.

Place some of the prawn mix in the centre of the prepared dumpling wrapper and wrap it, rolling it in your hands to form a ball.
Plop into boiling water for 5-6 minutes (or until prawns are cooked through). I chose blanching instead of steaming because I found it helped get rid of the dry excess flour taste.

Serve with the really simple dipping sauce and enjoy the fruits of this very messy recipe !