Buckwheat “Risotto” with Tomato, Baharat and Marinated Feta


If you see a recipe with barley, do not fret, I have found the perfect substitute: buckwheat. This is a gluten-free and slightly spicier variation of Yotam Ottolenghi’s Barley Risotto from his lovely cook-book Jerusalem. Indulge in this hearty, spicy, slightly sweet, umami dish that is great as a side or even on its own with buttered toast and voil√†.

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Potato Breads

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When I went to Isreal last Spring, I found out that there was a big buzz about this young girl who had figured out how to make really good gluten free bread – and what she used was simple : potato starch! Do not know why I never thought of that, anyway, it is genius. Her gluten free flour mix is now sold everywhere in Israel and used to make most gluten free breads and they are DELICIOUS and have an amazing gooey texture.

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