Comfort food at its best, you must must must try out this recipe that asks for next to zero ingredients, just some love… and a little time  <3

You will need:

3 aubergines

Gluten-free (or any) flour

Vegetable oil, for frying

2 shallots

2 cloves garlic

Any herbs you like (thyme, rosemary, oregano, marjoram, dried basil)

Balsamic vinegar

~1 tsp sugar

3 tins peeled, plum tomatoes

3 x 250g mozzarella packets

Parmesan, grated


Preheat your oven to 180°C.

Start with the sauce; the longer it cooks, the more flavour it will have. Cooking it for longer will also eliminate the rather unpleasant initial taste you get from canned tomatoes.

Chop up the shallots and garlic rather finely and sweat in olive oil with a pinch of salt. If using dried herbs, add a few pinches when the vegetables are soft. Deglaze with about 3 tbsp balsamic vinegar. I quite like a lot of vinegar in my sauces to get them nice and sharp, so if you do to, you might want to add some more later on. Reduce the vinegar slightly, then add the canned tomatoes and a little water. Break the tomatoes down and simmer while you get on with the other preparations.

Slice the aubergines lengthways. If you have a mandolin, this will make the job a lot easier! If you don’t, a little un-evenness won’t do any harm 😉

Coat the aubergine slices in flour and heat up about 3 cm of vegetable oil in a pan. Once the oil is hot enough, patt the excess flour off the aubergines and plop them in to fry until lightly golden-brown. Flip half-way through. When they’re ready, drain them on kitchen paper and give them a little pinch of salt while they’re still warm. This is the process that takes a rather long time… If you see the oil’s getting low (which will inevitable happen since aubergines are like sponges and will soak it all up), just add a little more.

Once you’re happy with your tomato sauce and your aubergines are all fried up, cut up the mozzarella in cubes and grate your parmesan, ready to go.

In the bottom of a dish, spread out a thin layer of tomato sauce, just to act as a base. Then begin layering: aubergines, tomato sauce, mozzarella and repeat this process until you arrive to the top of the dish. Sprinkle parmesan all over and bake in the oven until golden brown and bubbly – about 20 minutes or so.

You can of course simple assemble the parmigiana, store it in the fridge and bake it whenever you want within two days.

Tuck in and enjoy!

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