Those prawn dumplings you thought were made with rice flour but actually weren’t.


I nearly cried when I found out all dumplings = gluten. They looked so white, I was sure they were made from rice flour! But no. So I have since desperately strived to find a way to make them myself, gluten free. And today, I (sort of) succeeded! They might not have the typical littl pleats and they might not be as sexy, but they are goooood and therefore, I am happy!

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FullSizeRender 66I just tested the recipe for these mini madeleines today and they are delicious! It totally works and there is absolutely no difference with the gluten version except for flour substitution! And they literally take 15 minutes to make and bake!

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Potato Breads

FullSizeRender 56

When I went to Isreal last Spring, I found out that there was a big buzz about this young girl who had figured out how to make really good gluten free bread – and what she used was simple : potato starch! Do not know why I never thought of that, anyway, it is genius. Her gluten free flour mix is now sold everywhere in Israel and used to make most gluten free breads and they are DELICIOUS and have an amazing gooey texture.

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Salted Caramel Brownies

AKA The Gooeyest Brownies EVER!


I’m not really one for the sweet stuff … but even I can’t ignore a slice of this. It’s really easy, don’t need crazy ingredients and your friends will be forever grateful. Also, no need to buy 1000 different types of chocolate – one pack will do and you can just chop up the extra to make the chocolate chips.

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