Light & Summery Gazpacho

It’s finally starting to look like Summer! And with it comes the perfect excuse to make my favourite – Gazpachooo (not that any excuse is needed).

It is a bit of a dangerous one though – every time I make gazpacho I remember how much I adore it and it becomes my meals for the next week until I force myself to eat something else – it’s too delicious! And now that everything’s in season, your gazpacho will taste like heaven.

Here is my secret for a light summery gazpacho, no bread needed, naturally gluten-free. I omitted the classic onion and garlic because I feel they can sometimes be a bit heavy on the stomach, and also, if you’re going to be eating this gazpacho for a week, you still want to have some friends left once that week’s over… you can thank me later 😉



Serves 4

1kg tomatoes – feel free to go crazy with these and try all the types you can get your hands on – you can only make it tastier!

100g red pepper

60g Italian green pepper

140g cucumber

150g good quality extra-virgin olive oil

100g water

20g cider vinegar

8g Maldon sea salt


Wash and roughly chop up all the veg. For the proper version, mix everything together and leave to macerate and mingle for 24 hours in the fridge. Then blitz or hand-blend or use any purée-ing equipment you have on hand. It’s up to you if you want it chunky or silky smooth – I like to leave it a tiiiny bit rough so it has a very slight bite to it and feels more filling.

Alternatively, if you’re in a rush, you can totally just go ahead and blitz everything together immediately, it turns out delicious either w ay!

I like to garnish my gazpacho with a few colourful cherry tomatoes, a swig of olive oil, some freshly cracked black pepper and a few pieces of finely sliced spring onion – but you can obviously pimp yours to your liking!

et voilà, enjoy guys!