Green Gazpacho

A twist on a classic, for a beautiful bright green gazpacho with an extra kick. I’ve used here the green version of the traditional ingredients, with the addition of peas and horseradish to give it a British tang and gorgeous creaminess.


Serves 4

1 green pepper

1 small cucumber

6 green zebra tomatoes

40ml extra virgin olive oil

10ml cider vinegar

50ml water

200g peas, either frozen and thawed, or fresh

20g horseradish, grated

Maldon sea salt

Freshly cracked black pepper


Before you chop all the veg up, remove 4 green tomato hearts and keep a few fresh peas as garnish.

Blanch the fresh peas for 2 minutes and refresh in ice water. Drain.

Wash all the veg and roughly chop them up.

Blend everything together and adjust seasoning.

You can keep the gazpacho in the fridge for 24h – if you leave it any longer, the tomatoes might go sour.

To serve, separate into 4 portions, top with the tomato hearts, fresh peas, a swig of olive oil and some grated horseradish.