Deep-Fried Prawn Futomaki

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Don’t you miss these? I’m sure you do

Prawn tempura rolls along with unagi (eel) nigiri were amongst my favourite sushi and obviously both contain gluten – tempura batter for one and soy sauce marinade for the other. Challenge accepted.

Here, to get an extra thick and crispy prawn, I decided to “paner” the shrimp with some gluten free breacrumbs I had. If you don’t have any, you can always make some yourself by removing the crust from your gluten free toast and blitzing it in a dry food processor.

The most important thing in a sushi is the rice. It has to be cooked right or it’ll ruin your sushi experience, and it has to be seasoned right or it just won’t taste of anything. So make sure you give as much attention to that step as to any other.

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Makes 2 rolls

200g sushi rice

300ml cold water

2 sheets Nori

30ml rice vinegar

20g sugar

10g salt

Sesame seeds

Flying fish roe (Tobiko) – (Beware – read the ingredients ; some weirdly contain soy sauce)

4 prawns

1 tbsp flour

1 egg

3 tbsp bread crumbs

Oil for frying

1 avocado

1/4 cucumber or 1/4 avocado for the filling (optional)

For garnishing :

Pickled ginger


Freeze-dried chives

Mayonnaise (Beware, Kewpie mayo unfortunately contains barley – gluten)

Shichimi Togarashi

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Start with the rice – wash it 3-4 times under cold running water, then let it sit in the 330ml water for 20 minutes. Slowly bring it to the boil, then cover it and let it simmer for 10 minutes. Turn off the heat and let it sit there for 25-30 minutes.

Get the vinegar seasoning ready – heat the vinegar, add the salt and sugar and stir until dissolved.

Transfer the rice to a large shallow bowl and gradually add the vinegar mixture until you think the taste is right (You might only have to add half). I always add a little splash of cold, unseasoned rice vinegar because I like the tang – (though I’m not sure how traditionally right that it).

Then to the prawns : Remove the head and the shell, keeping just the tail end. Trim off the top and devein. Then, to keep it flat, score the underside at regular intervals and straighten your prawns.

Heat up your oil to 180°C.

Dip the prawns into the flour, then into the beaten egg. Finish by diping them into the crumbs until they are well coated, then plop them into the oil to fry until golden brown. This won’t take more than a few minutes.

Drain the fried prawns on a paper towel and start your roll.

Wrap your sushi mat in cling film.

Lay a nori leaf onto a sushi mat, dip your hands in cold water, take some rice and spread it all over, leaving 1cm gap at the bottom.

Flip it over and place at the bottom 2 prawns facing each other, tails popping out each end. Just above the prawns, place 2 thin strips of avocado or cucumber and sprinkle over some fish roe. Roll it up with the sushi mat, nice and tight, and when the nori starts to overlap – cut off the excess, wet the nori a little and stick the two ends together.

Sprinkle your mat with sesame seeds and fish roe and roll your roll around them to coat.

For the top – take half of an avocado, squeeze some lime or brush some rice vinegar over it and cut slices at regular intervals. Then, push it forwards gently with your whole hand to make this overlapping effect. Transfer it to the top of your sushi and roll the mat around it one more time to secure it well.

Repeat for the other sushi, cut them up into individual sushi with a wet knife and voilà!

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