Crispy Tofu & Sweet Soy Swiss Chard

A bit of a mouthful, yes…

But now who doesn’t love a little something crispy?

This tangy, asian-inspired dish will restore any-one’s love for tofu. Also, it’s gluten-free, and us coeliac’s don’t have a whole lot of crispy-crunchy stuff on offer. Also, it’s beautiful and colourful. Also, it’s healthy. Nothing more to be said. I rest my case. <3

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Deliciously Dark Chocolate Vegan Brownies


You probably never even thought of keeping that slushy water from the chickpea can, right? I know I didn’t. Until I found out that actually, it’s the perfect egg-white replacement! It’s full of protein and can even be whipped up to make meringues. So no more buying massive packets of eggs and trying to find a use for the yolks. The next time you’re making a hummus or a chickpea curry, you’ve actually got a reason (and a “free” ingredient) to treat yourself with a delicious dessert after.

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