Seeded Crackers

IMG_1824.jpgGluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free; there are litterally three components to this recipe: seeds, salt and water. Deadly easy to make, a healthy alternative to chips for your dips and WAY more delicious than those dry and crumbly ready-made gluten-free biscuit crackers. Make a big batch and keep them in an airtight container for a nutritious snack – it’s only got the good stuff in it!

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Creamed Asparagus and Turkey Ravioli with Goat’s Cheese Sauce

Here are a few tips for when you’re faced with a near-to-empty fridge and you can’t be asked to go down to the grocery store.

Tip No 1 : There’s nothing you can’t put in a ravioli – they are definitely the way to go.

Tip No 2 : If you have a stinky old cheese in there, don’t throw it away! Cheese is always good and, in my opinion, only gets better with time. If you want to play it safe, chuck it in a sauce – if you warm it up (above 75°C), it kills most bad bacteria et voilà! Also, as you will see if you follow this recipe, ravioli with a creamy cheesy sauce is simply sublime and you will wonder why you’ve never made it before. Fondue in Spring? I say, Horray!

Tip No 3 : I made the pasta dough with eggs but if you don’t have any, you can very well make it with water too.

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Buckwheat “Risotto” with Tomato, Baharat and Marinated Feta


If you see a recipe with barley, do not fret, I have found the perfect substitute: buckwheat. This is a gluten-free and slightly spicier variation of Yotam Ottolenghi’s Barley Risotto from his lovely cook-book Jerusalem. Indulge in this hearty, spicy, slightly sweet, umami dish that is great as a side or even on its own with buttered toast and voilà.

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Pasta with my Special Smokey Sausage Sauce

FullSizeRender 143

I LOVE pasta. And that’s a fact. So it has been my mission for quite a while now to find the perfect gluten free pasta recipe. I have tried every flour and every combination possible, never satisfied of the end result. And, once again, after trying every alternative, I came to the conclusion that Dove’s Farm is always right. I followed their recipe to make this batch and the result is great. It’s not a perfect recipe since the dough is quite sticky and a little frail – you probably won’t be able to roll it past 3 on a pasta machine, but for tagliatelle; it works perfectly well.

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FullSizeRender 135Yes, this just happened! And it happened completely randomly when I woke up this morning and decided to try the dreaded recipe I’ve put off for ages … bread. I’d just bought a pack of Dove’s farm gluten free bread flour and it was just nagging me to be used. So I decided to give it two chances : the first with the gluten-intended white bread rolls recipe I had from school (which for the record worked wonders with gluten flour), the second, simply with the recipe on the back of the flour pack. Afterall, that one was probably tried and tested and although it did scare me a little because the recipe was TOTALLY different from regular bread, I told myself that it must be for a reason and might well be the secret to gluten substitution. And it is!

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